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What we do:

Sterling IT Training, registered in Texas State, offers high-quality training (online and classroom) in many in-demand, cutting-edge IT Technologies.

Our goal:

As businesses and individuals continue to increase the use of technology for work, as well as for social and leisure activities, the demand for skilled resources in the IT industry continues to grow rapidly. Sterling IT Training was founded to meet that growing demand in the IT industry for well-trained resources. Our goal is to offer the best high quality IT training.

Job oriented:

Sterling IT Training offers job oriented programs that strive to go beyond training. We train and groom our students with hands-on experience in the chosen technology through practical assignments, bundled with real time projects that enable them to learn thoroughly, and gain a clear understanding of real world conditions. We prepare them to quickly start working in the IT industry, and they can hit the ground running.


Our experience:

Sterling IT Training has almost 100 years of combined experience in IT. Our trainers not only excel at training students, they also have extensive real-world experience in the IT industry, with deep domain knowledge and expertise in current and evolving technologies. Not only do they know the subject, they have a talent for teaching. You can't beat that!